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About Casa Teas

My passion for tea was kindled just over twelve years ago when I met my husband Clive Sarstedt  It was he that introduced me to Darjeeling Tea - one of the wonders of the Himalayas!

Small wonder he was a good teacher - he had grown up in Kerseong where his parents had managed a tea plantation during British rule in India.

Our Goal

Darjeeling is known the world over as ‘The Champagne of Teas’ and to further that analogy, it is our goal to help tea gardens flourish like vineyards, and in turn encourage our customers to appreciate our teas as they would a fine wine.

Good tea may cost a little more, but what price on quality and distinction? Here at Casa Tea we believe an excellent tea is worth every penny.

Darjeeling tea is very special - produced only in a number of designated tea estates in West Bengal, high in the foothills of Himalayas, and shares a similar labelling restriction to that of the EU protected Champagne and Jamón Ibérico - it cannot be grown anywhere else in the world.

We source and supply the very best Darjeeling teas, sought specifically to appeal to customers who are as discerning about tea as we are.

At Casa Teas we not only strive to deliver the best possible product, but also exceptional customer service, having a background in e commerce for over twenty years.

Member of the European Tea Council